Videos: Comedians talk comedy, inspiration, writing & what makes people laugh

Comedian Tom Papa‘s crowds would laugh, but it finally came together when he got a few words from his hero Jerry Seinfeld: “He came up and after seeing me several times complimented me and said I was really funny,Papa said.

I just learned how to be a comedian from him … When you’re starting out, you’re not sure what you’re doing. You think you’re funny, and you’re making audiences laugh, but you don’t know if it’s going to go anywhere. There’s a lot of uneasiness and fear, and for him to come up and validate my stand-up, it was just huge.”

Fast-forward 10-Years & he’s still got laughs going strong (see clip):

Here comedian Bill Burr talks about his writing process saying he starts by taking a single idea on stage –

Burr will then riff on stage, as if he’s  telling a story to friends and tightens up the jokes over time. He also says how opening for Dave Attell years ago taught him a writing trick he still uses today.

And finally Comedian Jay Nog‘s “NO JOKE” web-docu asks working comedians “what makes people laugh”

What makes you laugh? Where do you get inspiration?