Video: Making Smart Comedy Cool with Late Night with Seth Myers

Late Night host Seth Meyers does smart-comedy-right, and people on YouTube are playing catch-up — ‘turning Late Night into a viral hit.

It’s all about how he approaches the days news – like my personal must-watch: A Closer Look – a segment that runs six to eleven minutes and uses a combination of punchy humor and bite-sized-clarity to cut through a lot of the 24-hour-news culture.




New York Magazine recently did a cover story on Late Night that looked at the creation of A Closer Look: The secret weapon is that first draft gets written from former cable news writer Sal Gentile. ‘It’s then punched up by Meyers, Mike Shoemaker, Alex Baze, and Jenny Hagel — all seasoned comedy writers who know how to wring a joke out of anything from constitutional law to an outright catastrophe.’

The writers said, “we are making no effort to hide where we stand on issues. Comedy is best with a point of view and it would be silly to spend all that time talking about something we care about while leaving out what we think about it.”

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