Video: Conan without Borders Trumps that wall with laughter!

Comedian Conan O’Brien’s upcoming primetime special “Conan Without Borders” is a comedy smack-down of President Trump’s America First — xenophobia push –

O’Brien says his show will travel to Mexico City – “rent a television studio and shoot an episode of our show with the help of an all-Mexican staff, crew, guests, and studio audience.”

The best comedians offer us a window into their world view and here O’Brien’s trip will also help to humanize a culture that our current president has pretty much demonized.

Smart folks that have done big research have concluded that ethnic diversity & “representation” in most cases serve to reduce stigma & cultural biases. And hey, a couple of laughs along the way can’t hurt.

Here’s hoping other late night hosts will be inspired to try similar things that basically says: “well damn, maybe we are stronger when we’re all laughing together

Conan Without Borders airs on TBS 10pm on March 1, 2017

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