TV Comedy: Santa Clara Diet mixes Zombies & Comedy & Relationships

Netflix‘ new quirky Santa Clarita Diet is many things tossed into pot: Zombie gore, stylized-comedy-sitcom-banter and how to make a marriage work.

The show follows realtor couple Sheila, played by Drew Barrymore, and Joel, played by Timothy Olyphant, living with a daughter in a California suburbia –

Long-story-short wife dies and wakes up a Zombie with a need for human flesh…’all the while figuring things out romantically with the hubby.

It’s really hard to mix genres and make it work. I personally like my Sci-Fi to be taken seriously and heavy on the Science. And my horror to be scary and light on laughs.

But what works here is the amazing casting, making this a fun world to visit.  ‘Barrymore is probably the most sympathetic zombie ever…and I love watching the complexities of any long term relationship.

This NY Times review sums it up best saying the show is “zombification as the route to midlife rejuvenation.”

Santa Clarita Diet is streaming all of season 1 on Netflix now.

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