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Cartoon: President Trumps March Madness?

Cartoon of the day is a funny take on the March Madness from Cartoonist Pat Byrnes for the New Yorker mag

Cartoon: The Walking Dead funnies touchy feely

Cartoon(s) of the day is three touchy lighter takes on one of our fav TV shows AMC’s the Walking Dead

Cartoon: TrumpCare covers rigged poop tweets?

Cartoon(s) of the day is three humorous  takes on a President Trump’s morning tweets, Trump Care & a rigged past

Cartoon: President Trump’s healthcare & The Walking Dead?

Cartoon(s) of the day is two takes on a President Trump’s world and Trump Care & another on the Walking Dead

Cartoon: President Bannon and pocket Trump & Enemy of the people?

Cartoon of the Day is two takes on a President Trump in a pocket, of a or President Bannon? And the american enemy of the state?

Cartoon: President Trumps’ Faux, Putin, Bannon oh my

Cartoon(s) of the day is three recent takes from Cartoonist Bill Day & how in a President Trump’s world his New friends TV friends and ugly friends all collide for laughs



Cartoon: President Trump’s “conspiracy” bedtime stories?

Cartoon of the day is from artist David Sipress  (Via New Yorker magazine) & how in a President Trump’s world it changes our bedtime stories


Video: Comedian Jordan Peele says Horror & Comedy have lots in common

The best comedy and horror feel like they take place in reality,” says Comedian Jordan Peele taking up his horror movie “Get Out ” directorial debut. “You have a rule or two you are bending or heightening, but the world around it is real. I felt like everything I learned in comedy I could apply to this movie.”

When asked what keeps horror from becoming comedy Peele replies, “the second you have people doing something you know they wouldn’t do, you lose the audience. With “Get Out,” what needed to be believable was the protagonist’s intentions. Why he’s there. I followed the “Rosemary’s Baby”-“Stepford Wives” model of inching into this crazy situation and alongside, justifying how the character is rationalizing staying.”

Peele started writing “Get Out” about three years ago and  when asked about writing a film dealing with race he says: “We can discuss race all day long, but if you see a movie that successfully puts yourself in the shoes of somebody different than yourself, you see the world differently, so I think the power of story is greater than the power of conversation in a way.”




Cartoon: President Trump and the value of a unborn child?

Today’s Cartoon of the DAY is “Normel Person” by Cartoonist Lauren R. Weinstein with her take on President Trump‘s world to bring a new baby in

Video: NYC Comedians on Performing Political Comedy under a President Trump!

Fox 5 News talked to two New York Comedians on maneuvering laughs under a President Trump — saying it’s always best to find the absurdity in things and remember you have a voice to speak out.

Comedian Nick Naney has been dealing with the tense political climate the best way he knows how: through a good laugh.

Nick’s newest material revolves around Trump and the clear divide that currently exists in our country & he writes to an audience he describes as young and liberal.

Comedy is better than drugs,” offers Comedian Jena Friedman. “It’s also disarming, you can coat ideas in Comedy and get people to eat them. ”