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Cartoon: President Trumps March Madness?

Cartoon of the day is a funny take on the March Madness from Cartoonist Pat Byrnes for the New Yorker mag

Cartoon: TrumpCare covers rigged poop tweets?

Cartoon(s) of the day is three humorous  takes on a President Trump’s morning tweets, Trump Care & a rigged past

Cartoon: President Trump’s healthcare & The Walking Dead?

Cartoon(s) of the day is two takes on a President Trump’s world and Trump Care & another on the Walking Dead

Video: SNL Weekend Update host Michael Che & Colin Jost talk friendship & Comedy

Saturday Night Lives’ “Weekend Update” anchors Colin Jost & Michael Che chatted recently on a bunch of topics including friendship & comedy

The two started co-anchoring in 2014, but were stand-up buddies before they became work colleagues. There’s a genuine friendship (see video) — that’s the reason for their chemistry on the show.

I think (Lorne Michaels) kind of saw something and trusted us to figure that out a little bit,” Che said. “I feel like he had some patience which was nice to let us find it a little bit.”

There’s a lot of people who make you laugh who are comedians,” Jost added. “But there’s not that many that you necessarily want to hang out with regularly.”

Talking Writing Comedy – under a President Trump’s reign Che offered: “I think when you have as wide of a base as we have for our show, it’s impossible to please everybody, so you kind of just have to trust your instinct and know if it’s making us laugh, there’s something in there

Jost added – people get “depressed if you just watch regular news. I think at least if you’re watching something that has comedy with it … you at least feel like you have some release to it;  it’s not just bad news or sad news.”

You can watch an extended video version of this interview here!

Cartoon: President Bannon and pocket Trump & Enemy of the people?

Cartoon of the Day is two takes on a President Trump in a pocket, of a or President Bannon? And the american enemy of the state?

Cartoon: President Trumps’ Faux, Putin, Bannon oh my

Cartoon(s) of the day is three recent takes from Cartoonist Bill Day & how in a President Trump’s world his New friends TV friends and ugly friends all collide for laughs



Online Push to get Rosie O’Donnell on SNL as President Trump’s Steve Bannon?

Trump’s White House was pissed that NBC’s Saturday Night Live had a woman, Melissa McCarthy as press secretary Sean Spicer, — ‘pretty soon after Twitter exploded with NEW SNL casting suggestions or — ‘how to really piss off the Donald on his ‘discomfort of woman impersonating his staff

since according to a source: “Trump doesn’t like his people to look weak” — mmmm,  ‘get ROSIE as Bannon?




Sure enough, Rosie replied in a Tweet “available – if called I will serve!!” and with that the hashtag #RosieAsBannon is now in your humble fingers!




and already…the internet has this very compelling photoshopped makeup — we’ll be watching Saturday Night LIVE to see what happens.

Cartoon: Two Supreme Court nominees dance off?

Cartoon of the day is the case of two Supreme Court (Scotus) judges asking a very important question.




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