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Cartoon: President Trumps March Madness?

Cartoon of the day is a funny take on the March Madness from Cartoonist Pat Byrnes for the New Yorker mag

Cartoon: TrumpCare covers rigged poop tweets?

Cartoon(s) of the day is three humorous  takes on a President Trump’s morning tweets, Trump Care & a rigged past

Cartoon: President Trump’s healthcare & The Walking Dead?

Cartoon(s) of the day is two takes on a President Trump’s world and Trump Care & another on the Walking Dead

Cartoon: President Bannon and pocket Trump & Enemy of the people?

Cartoon of the Day is two takes on a President Trump in a pocket, of a or President Bannon? And the american enemy of the state?

Cartoon: President Trumps’ Faux, Putin, Bannon oh my

Cartoon(s) of the day is three recent takes from Cartoonist Bill Day & how in a President Trump’s world his New friends TV friends and ugly friends all collide for laughs



Cartoon: President Trump’s “conspiracy” bedtime stories?

Cartoon of the day is from artist David Sipress  (Via New Yorker magazine) & how in a President Trump’s world it changes our bedtime stories


Cartoon: President Trump and the value of a unborn child?

Today’s Cartoon of the DAY is “Normel Person” by Cartoonist Lauren R. Weinstein with her take on President Trump‘s world to bring a new baby in

Video: NYC Comedians on Performing Political Comedy under a President Trump!

Fox 5 News talked to two New York Comedians on maneuvering laughs under a President Trump — saying it’s always best to find the absurdity in things and remember you have a voice to speak out.

Comedian Nick Naney has been dealing with the tense political climate the best way he knows how: through a good laugh.

Nick’s newest material revolves around Trump and the clear divide that currently exists in our country & he writes to an audience he describes as young and liberal.

Comedy is better than drugs,” offers Comedian Jena Friedman. “It’s also disarming, you can coat ideas in Comedy and get people to eat them. ”





Cartoon: Trump’s dirty-oily-glass-of-water for American Indians!

Today’s Cartoon(s) of the DAY is by Cartoonist Steve Sacks with two views on President Trump‘s Standing Rock Dakota pipeline debate



Video: Making Smart Comedy Cool with Late Night with Seth Myers

Late Night host Seth Meyers does smart-comedy-right, and people on YouTube are playing catch-up — ‘turning Late Night into a viral hit.

It’s all about how he approaches the days news – like my personal must-watch: A Closer Look – a segment that runs six to eleven minutes and uses a combination of punchy humor and bite-sized-clarity to cut through a lot of the 24-hour-news culture.




New York Magazine recently did a cover story on Late Night that looked at the creation of A Closer Look: The secret weapon is that first draft gets written from former cable news writer Sal Gentile. ‘It’s then punched up by Meyers, Mike Shoemaker, Alex Baze, and Jenny Hagel — all seasoned comedy writers who know how to wring a joke out of anything from constitutional law to an outright catastrophe.’

The writers said, “we are making no effort to hide where we stand on issues. Comedy is best with a point of view and it would be silly to spend all that time talking about something we care about while leaving out what we think about it.”

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