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Comedy Cruz Book Quotes “Funny on Purpose”

Over at my NEW Enrique Cruz.com comedy site (or ComedyCruz.com) check out my blog / audio on the Book “funny on purpose”

Video: SNL Weekend Update host Michael Che & Colin Jost talk friendship & Comedy

Saturday Night Lives’ “Weekend Update” anchors Colin Jost & Michael Che chatted recently on a bunch of topics including friendship & comedy

The two started co-anchoring in 2014, but were stand-up buddies before they became work colleagues. There’s a genuine friendship (see video) — that’s the reason for their chemistry on the show.

I think (Lorne Michaels) kind of saw something and trusted us to figure that out a little bit,” Che said. “I feel like he had some patience which was nice to let us find it a little bit.”

There’s a lot of people who make you laugh who are comedians,” Jost added. “But there’s not that many that you necessarily want to hang out with regularly.”

Talking Writing Comedy – under a President Trump’s reign Che offered: “I think when you have as wide of a base as we have for our show, it’s impossible to please everybody, so you kind of just have to trust your instinct and know if it’s making us laugh, there’s something in there

Jost added – people get “depressed if you just watch regular news. I think at least if you’re watching something that has comedy with it … you at least feel like you have some release to it;  it’s not just bad news or sad news.”

You can watch an extended video version of this interview here!

Comedian Video: Four reasons we love Comedian Yannis Pappas!

I first learned of Comedian Yannis Pappas through his great popular catch-phrase YouTube characters like Maurica

and Mr. Panos

he’s a Stand Up Comedian (and waited years before he did his half hour on Comedy Central)

he writes short films like this one on the health care system…and you can also watch Yannis on the new ABC/Univision network Fusion, where he hosts Fusion Live.

Get more of Yannis on twitter @yannispappas



Comedy Advice: Comedian Lewis Black says writing starts from anger

Politics has been very good for Lewis Black, the comedian has been spouting his “Back In Black” on Comedy Central‘s “The Daily Show” since the show began in 1996.

In a  recent interview asked about a Trump Presidency he offered:  We’re living at the intersection of satire and reality

Really, even more so, we’re living in fictional times. Meaning if you took the reality that we’re living through and put it in a book, everbody’d go, ‘Wow, that’s a great book.’ ”

Asked about his writing process he offered – what bugs him is the fuel for his standup comedy or if something – “…makes me angry, that’s when I start to poke at it and find a joke,”

My humor always starts with anger. Whether it be about whether the weatherman told me some b——- in the morning or, you know, I just spent an hour and a half trying to become a member of Instagram.”

Asked about ‘performing at colleges, where they’re often insufferably p.c.

Black replied: “I just tell them to fuck off. I’ll tell a joke that works in 95 percent of the places, then they get upset about something in it, and I say, “Here’s the deal. Here’s where you stopped hearing what I said, so you didn’t hear the joke, did you? You’ve got to grow the fuck up and hear the whole paragraph. Some jokes are upsetting. If jokes upset you, don’t come to a comedy show!”

Asked why as a comic years back he shifted from being a bit more jovialas a performer to…’yelling’ he said: “I was doing my act one night, and this comic, Dan Ballard, came up to me and said: “You know, you’re really angry, and you’re not yelling. You got to go out onstage and start yelling. I’m yelling all the time, and I got nothing to really yell about. The next joke, I just want you to yell it!”

“So I went onstage and started yelling. It was really that simple: Fucking idiot! It was real stupid, because when I was sitting around with my friends and go off and get pissed, it was funny. But it never connected with me.

In this last video interview (below) – watch a more serious & thoughtful Lewis in a CUNY-TV conversation that covers his thoughts on the importance of silence in comedy, how comedy can break down biases and the way people’s sense of the obscene has changed over the years through comedy:

get tour dates for Comedian Lewis Black at LewisBlack.com / his new animated film Rock Dog is in theaters February 2017.

Comedy Podcast: Vadge Podcast w/ Comedian Adrienne lapalucci & Sarah Tollemache

Podcast of the day is Vadge podcast episode #121 with Comedians Adrienne lapalucci & Sarah Tollemache who converse on their life as comedians, growing up, what’s doing in their life & a funny perspective of the world around them (and sometimes they even record the podcast in a jeep):



Comedian Ricky Gervais talks doing comedy with a President Trump

Comedian Ricky Gervais is gearing up for his first standup tour in 7 years (and also just dropped a NEW David Brent film sequel to the British TV version of  ‘the Office’ on Netflix)

In a recent interview with Reuters he chatted how a President Donald Trump has made him a better Comic:

I use irony, saying the wrong things so that hopefully people will understand the right things,” Gervais told Reuters. “But now it’s too dangerous. I get the wrong round of applause! I have to be so careful about what I say.”

He’s finally found his voice as a stand-up comic — in the world of Donald Trump as president: “Trump has made me a better standup because everything is much more poignant now,” said Gervais.

Anything you do about truth, stupidity, anger, humanity, world issues — it’s so much in the forefront of people’s minds about what’s happened.”

Instead, he riffs on “opinions versus facts, social media where people would rather win than be right, and how sneakily freedoms are crushed.

My shtick has always been me saying the wrong things,” he said. “My standup has always been a brasher, more arrogant, less informed bigoted, bore than myself.”

Check out the Video Trailer of his release of David Brent: Life on the Road, a film sequel to the British version of The Office.


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Video: Comedian Neal Brennan on politics, depression and SNL writing

In this interview Comedian Neal Brennan at the Breakfast Club morning radio show covers a range of topics including writing skits on SNL & working with Dave Chappelle again, his depression — watch NEW “3 Mics” special airing now Netflix

Video: De Niro’s love letter movie to New York Comedians

Actor Robert De Niro plays an aging Stand-Up Comedian in his new movie “Comedians” out in theaters Feb 3, 2017, which critics call a love-letter to NYC Comics

In a NY Times article they broke down how De Niro learned to become a Comedian:

During two days of reshoots, the comic Jim Norton was also brought in for advice. “Jim was giving his point of view. Art was giving his. Taylor, too,” Ms. Kirson said. “All of us are putting in our 2 cents, and you’re seeing everyone’s input in one character.”