Online Push to get Rosie O’Donnell on SNL as President Trump’s Steve Bannon?

Trump’s White House was pissed that NBC’s Saturday Night Live had a woman, Melissa McCarthy as press secretary Sean Spicer, — ‘pretty soon after Twitter exploded with NEW SNL casting suggestions or — ‘how to really piss off the Donald on his ‘discomfort of woman impersonating his staff

since according to a source: “Trump doesn’t like his people to look weak” — mmmm,  ‘get ROSIE as Bannon?




Sure enough, Rosie replied in a Tweet “available – if called I will serve!!” and with that the hashtag #RosieAsBannon is now in your humble fingers!




and already…the internet has this very compelling photoshopped makeup — we’ll be watching Saturday Night LIVE to see what happens.