Comedy Read: Comedians in the age of Trump

Grab a read of how Comedians can handle a President Trump by one of the best Stand Up Comedians Aparna Nancherla

My first real taste of performing stand-up in a President-elect Trump America was two nights after the election. I did a show at a dive bar in Williamsburg, and the audience seemed in good spirits, considering the circumstances. Everyone onstage addressed the election in some way (it felt like you’d reveal yourself as an extraterrestrial if you didn’t). I tried talking about it at the beginning of my set, but immediately realized all my criticisms of Trump were sadder than funny; any mention of the current mood, or the country’s prospects, felt laden with despair. It was like half the country got dumped, but the breakup was still too recent to find anything funny in it. So I decided to move into older material… (continue reading)

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