Comedian Ricky Gervais talks doing comedy with a President Trump

Comedian Ricky Gervais is gearing up for his first standup tour in 7 years (and also just dropped a NEW David Brent film sequel to the British TV version of  ‘the Office’ on Netflix)

In a recent interview with Reuters he chatted how a President Donald Trump has made him a better Comic:

I use irony, saying the wrong things so that hopefully people will understand the right things,” Gervais told Reuters. “But now it’s too dangerous. I get the wrong round of applause! I have to be so careful about what I say.”

He’s finally found his voice as a stand-up comic — in the world of Donald Trump as president: “Trump has made me a better standup because everything is much more poignant now,” said Gervais.

Anything you do about truth, stupidity, anger, humanity, world issues — it’s so much in the forefront of people’s minds about what’s happened.”

Instead, he riffs on “opinions versus facts, social media where people would rather win than be right, and how sneakily freedoms are crushed.

My shtick has always been me saying the wrong things,” he said. “My standup has always been a brasher, more arrogant, less informed bigoted, bore than myself.”

Check out the Video Trailer of his release of David Brent: Life on the Road, a film sequel to the British version of The Office.


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