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birthing the Graphic Novel


picking up a pen, ink and watercolor this year — mixed media and a few other arty buzz words to say, I will track my progress to a Graphic Novel online here and my personal website I have a few ideas floating in my mind and will share them and some of the growth of that idea once a week on this site.

Comedy Sun: Comedian Anjelah Johnson at Carolines

Sunday May 20, 2018 at 7:30pm Comedian Anjelah Johnson wraps her weekend at the Carolines on Broadway stage


Comedy Fri: Comedian Anjelah Johnson at Carolines

Friday May 18, 2018 at 7:30pm & 10pm Comedian Anjelah Johnson continues her weekend at the Carolines on Broadway stage

Comedy Podcast: Comedy Wreck digital radio 4/27

here’s that 4/27/18 episode of the Comedy Wreck show to listen & share

hear future Comedy Wreck show weekly *LIVE* Fridays 4pm-6pm via All Digital Radio app or later FREE on demand

Comedy Cruz gallery show written up in the New York Times newspaper

Over at my NEW Enrique comedy site (or check out my video blog “Cruz Art show reviewed in the New York Times


Comedy Cruz Debates “Gay versus Straight”

Over at my NEW Enrique comedy site (or check out my video blog “Debating being Gay versus Straight

Comedy Podcast: Our HeadSpace Laughs up Art of Learning & how to speak correctly

Our HeadSpace Episode # 27  NEW stronger self is a earful from Comedians Henry Cruz & Keith Fuerstenberg on their journey to become better people &  forming better relationships. (re-share often on your own social media)


Video: SNL Weekend Update host Michael Che & Colin Jost talk friendship & Comedy

Saturday Night Lives’ “Weekend Update” anchors Colin Jost & Michael Che chatted recently on a bunch of topics including friendship & comedy

The two started co-anchoring in 2014, but were stand-up buddies before they became work colleagues. There’s a genuine friendship (see video) — that’s the reason for their chemistry on the show.

I think (Lorne Michaels) kind of saw something and trusted us to figure that out a little bit,” Che said. “I feel like he had some patience which was nice to let us find it a little bit.”

There’s a lot of people who make you laugh who are comedians,” Jost added. “But there’s not that many that you necessarily want to hang out with regularly.”

Talking Writing Comedy – under a President Trump’s reign Che offered: “I think when you have as wide of a base as we have for our show, it’s impossible to please everybody, so you kind of just have to trust your instinct and know if it’s making us laugh, there’s something in there

Jost added – people get “depressed if you just watch regular news. I think at least if you’re watching something that has comedy with it … you at least feel like you have some release to it;  it’s not just bad news or sad news.”

You can watch an extended video version of this interview here!

Videos: Comedians talk comedy, inspiration, writing & what makes people laugh

Comedian Tom Papa‘s crowds would laugh, but it finally came together when he got a few words from his hero Jerry Seinfeld: “He came up and after seeing me several times complimented me and said I was really funny,Papa said.

I just learned how to be a comedian from him … When you’re starting out, you’re not sure what you’re doing. You think you’re funny, and you’re making audiences laugh, but you don’t know if it’s going to go anywhere. There’s a lot of uneasiness and fear, and for him to come up and validate my stand-up, it was just huge.”

Fast-forward 10-Years & he’s still got laughs going strong (see clip):

Here comedian Bill Burr talks about his writing process saying he starts by taking a single idea on stage –

Burr will then riff on stage, as if he’s  telling a story to friends and tightens up the jokes over time. He also says how opening for Dave Attell years ago taught him a writing trick he still uses today.

And finally Comedian Jay Nog‘s “NO JOKE” web-docu asks working comedians “what makes people laugh”

What makes you laugh? Where do you get inspiration?

Comedy Videos: And our 2017 Oscar’s parody goes to?

Movies have always inspired comedy parodies, we’ve collected a few 2017 Oscar parodies…here’s our nominees for best chuckles:

  1.  A Seth Myers’ Late Show “Oscar Bait” film parody

2. a  Room 28Arrival” Movie Parody

3.  A Tonight Show writer gets regular people to reenact past Oscar Films

4. It’s a Funny or Die take on a Hollywood Round-table chat

5.  And there’s a “never sad”  La La Land racially charged scene


Which sketch won out the laughs for you?